RSS 2017 - Congratulations to Shuai Han on his first first author publication at none other than the Robotics: Science and Systems conference!

ICRA 2017 - Our first experimental work, titled "A Portable, 3D-Printing Enabled Multi-Vehicle Platform for Robotics Research and Education", has been accepted for presentation at ICRA 2017 in Singapore. This is also the first publication of Shuai Han and Wei Tang. At ICRA 2017, I will also present new research from our recent Transaction on Robotics paper on multi-robot path planning.

Code and Binaries - The algorithms that we developed along with our papers have been made available here. Source code is provided whenever possible. Some implementations are provided as binaries due to their legacy statuses.

microMVP - an Open Source Multi-Vehicle Platform - We are developing a differential driver based micro multi-vehicle system called microMVP. The platform is a complete platfrom with a (mainly) Arduino-based hardware stack and a Python-based software stack. The platform is low cost (a complete system with six vehicles costs a few hundred USD) and scalable (supporting at least a few tens of vehicles). Please refer to the dedicated platform page for details. The platform is fully open source.

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